• 100% bonus on Sport

    100% bonus on Sport

    Welcome Bonus at ZigZagSport Make your first deposit right now and get a 100% Bonus, which will double your chance to win! Make accurate predictions making bets on your favorite teams, matches and players! Create your winning strategy and change the course of the game at ZigZagSport!


      1. The promotion is available for users who make a deposit for the first time on zigzagsport.com.

      2. The minimum deposit amount to receive a bonus is 10 Euro. The maximum bonus amount is 50 Euro (or the equivalent in the account currency).

      3. This bonus is not automatically credited and can be obtained by contacting Live Chat or e-mail support@zigzagsport.com.

      4. Bonus wagering requirements for the first replenishment is 8 times from the original amount of the bonus and is made only with money from real balance. The game for bonus means is impossible. The bonus remains on the account within 14 days, if it is not wagered before, and then it is canceled.

      5. While wagering a bonus, single bets that have coefficient of at least 1.90 are considered. Express bets are taken into account only if more than 3 events participate with a coefficient of at least 1.5 for each event.

      6. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes or to terminate the promotion, without prior notice.

      7. If you win a large sum in ZigZagSport.com, considered by the Sportbook administration as worthy of publicity, the player must agree to disclose the won amount in the comments on the forums, ZigZagSport.com website, and also in other media for promotional purposes.

      8. Personal information of users is protected, however, the Sportbook has the right to disclose the User's name in press releases about the results of winnings in the Sport Book.

      9. If there is any dispute, the decision of the ZigZagSport.com administration is considered final and not subject to discussion.

      10. Players, who violate the above conditions, lose the bonus.

      11. When trying to get several bonuses illegally, the player is deprived of the winnings, and his account will be closed.

      12. This promotion is valid in accordance with the ZigZagSport.com Terms and Conditions from November 1, 2018.



    Every weekend ZigZagSport arranges a super-fast express race with increased Bonus odds up to 25% on Sports Betting Rates. The Bonus coefficient increases along with the number of events in the Express. Press on the gas, and rush to great victories with the speed of sound along with ZigZagSport!


      1. The promotion is available for users who make Expresses on weekend days.

      2. In order to participate in the promotion you need to make an Express with at least 3x Bets and the minimum Coefficient of 1.5 on each of them, In case of a positive result, the Wins will be increased as specified in the below table of bonuses, where N - represents the number of the Bets placed in the Express, % - the winning percentage as reported to the win in the Express bet.

      15+ 25
      11-14 20
      6-10 15
      3-5 10

      3. The winning % is credited automatically on your balance.

      The Company has the right to refuse granting the Bonus to any player,  in case of the player abused the Bonus Policy.

      5. Terms and conditions of ZigZagSport.com apply for this bonus.

      6. Customers located or domiciled in United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Armenia and Republic of Moldova are not permitted to open accounts or make any deposits. This list of jurisdictions may be changed by the Company from time to time with or without notice. You agree that you are not allowed to open an account, nor attempt to use Your Account, if you are based in this (these) jurisdiction (-s).

  • 欢迎奖


    我们用首次充值100%欢迎奖来热烈欢迎所有的注册用户!和欢迎奖一起赢取两倍以上高达500 欧元!


    1. 此活动适用于 ZigZagSport.com 的所有已注册用户。
    2. 为了获得第一笔保证金的 100% 赠金 最低保证金是 10欧元,最高奖金金额为500欧元
    3. 活动赠金不能与其他活动提供的赠金相结合。
    4. 在拒绝该奖金的的情况下,有可能自存入起 48小时 内,但在从游戏账户中提取资金之前获取它。
    5. 赠金下注条件 – 加算赠金额的 – 40 倍
    6. 赌场 ZigZagSport.com 的活动和赠金为每个帐户提供一次。在 ZigZagSport.com 创建帐户,且该账户属于同一个人、家庭住址、电子邮箱地址、电话号码、共享电脑和同一个支付账号(借记卡或信用卡,Qiwi Visa,等)。
    7. 赌场 ZigZagSport.com 提供的赠金仅用于娱乐目的。如果赠金或者保证金没有按照指定用途使用(用于下注和游戏),赌场认为这是违反赠金使用规则的行为。在这种情况下,ZigZagSport.com 有权把违规者列入“黑名单”,之后取消所有赢得的奖金并退还初始保证金。
    8. 任何通过不正当途径获得的奖励,将被视为欺骗行为且属无效的。
    9. 如果愿意,玩家可以放弃领取赌场的赠金。为此玩家须通过Live Chat通知客服。
    10. 为获取赠金而进入赌场账户的资金和初始保证金,必须留在玩家账户中,直到赠金条件被执行。在赠金下注条件尚未执行时,若玩家试图取出资金,会失去所有赢取的奖金和赠金。
    11. 在分红游戏中最大容许赌注为350卢布,直到所有必要的赠金下注要求得到执行。 所有的游戏都有不同的下注条件比例。
      游戏 保证金比例
      角子机和其他游戏 100%
      德州扑克和其他桌面游戏 10%
      所有的视频扑克游戏和二十一点游戏 10%
      所有的轮盘游戏 0%
      百家乐和掷骰子,Progressive slots 0%
    12. 在赠金下注条件尚未执行时,玩家试图取出资金,会失去所有赢取的奖金和赠金。在偿清货币资金和查明欺诈行为时 ZigZagSport.com 有权进行检查,取消赢得的奖金和赠金。
    13. ZigZagSport.com 该活动无时间限制。然而,赌场有改变规则和取消活动的权利。考虑到在我们的游戏中任何赌注都有可能返回可观的奖励,本规定的实施有利于游戏公平。
    14. 根据赠金条件,应在收到赠金后е 14 天 天内执行下注。规定的时间段到期后,从赌注中得到的赠金和已赢取的奖金将会被取消。
    15. 如果你在 ZigZagSport.com, 赢得了一笔赌场认为值得宣传的大额奖金,玩家应当同意 ZigZagSport.comZigZagSport.com 论坛、网站的评论里以及在其他媒体上出于广告目的披露中奖金额。
    16. 用户的个人信息受到保护,但是,赌场有权在关于赌场中奖结果的新闻稿中透露用户姓名。
    17. 如有任何争议 ZigZagSport.com 管理机构的决定被视为最终决定且没有商量余地。
    18. 违反上述条件的玩家,失去赠金。
    19. 企图获取一些非法赠金时,玩家会失去已赢得的奖金,其帐户也将被关闭。
    20. 本活动根据 ZigZagSport.com条款和条件 进行。
    21. 居住在美国的人士,没有用货币资金开设和/或充值帐户的权利。在没有事先通知的情况下本公司有权改变管辖区名单。如果您处于或居住在这些司法管辖区其中之一的地方,您须保证不在网站上开设和/或使用您的账户。